Texas Symposium on Software Engineering (TSSE)

Upcoming TSSE information will be updated soon!

The Texas Symposium on Software Engineering (TSSE) provides a forum for managers, practitioners, researchers and educators to discuss the most recent trends, experiences and concerns in the field of software engineering, identifying critical issues in the field’s next decade.

The focus of software engineering as it enters its sixth decade is shifting to architectural pattern quality, requirements dynamics, ubiquity, mobility, verifiability, security, evolvability, measurability, effective life-cycle paradigms and total cost/benefit of ownership. Emerging technology in these areas will enhance our ability to manage the increasing complexity and ubiquity of modern software systems, as well as boost overall system quality and reduce costs and vulnerabilities.

TSSE offers an exciting program of events, including keynote talks, presentations, panels, tutorials and poster sessions. The symposium will be complemented by a set of social opportunities, providing for further discussion and networking.

TSSE is managed by Dr. Herb Krasner.  For more information, please contact Dr. Krasner directly.