Empirical Software Engineering Laboratory

Director: Dewayne E. Perry

Mobile and Pervasive Computing Laboratory

Director: Christine Julien
Description: The focus is on software engineering for mobile environments, specifically algorithms for mobile computing, middleware design and development, and the application of formal methods.

Parallel and Distributed Systems Laboratory

Director: Vijay Garg
Description: Current projects include (1) Software fault-tolerance (2) Monitoring distributed computations (3) Software model checking and (4) Discrete Event Systems.

Software Evolution and Analysis Laboratory (SEAL)

Director: Miryung Kim
Description: The goal of the research is to improve programmers’ productivity by developing analysis tools that help programmers build more reliable and easy-to-maintain software.

Software Verification, Validation, and Testing Lab (SVVAT)

Director: Sarfraz Khurshid
Description: The research focuses on software testing, specification languages, code conformance, model checking, and applications of heuristics in program analysis.

Parallel Programming Group

Director: Jim Browne
Description: CODE is a visual parallel programming system, allowing users to compose sequential programs into a parallel one.

Product-Line Architecture Research Group

Director: Don Batory
Description: The group is investigating ways to realize practical, domain-specific component-based design methodologies and technologies for large scale application synthesis.