Software Engineering At Competing Institutions: The Message 

  • UT Software Engineering (SE) is poised to be the top software engineering program in the US
  • For example, in terms of visibility in high the top four SE publication venues
  • ICSE, FSE: Top tier conferences (acceptance rates consistently below 15%)
  • With targeted efforts, we could easily be there
  • 2 more high profile faculty hires
  • Improved graduate student placement
  • Increased recognition in terms of program committees, awards, etc.

UT Austin Software Engineering Impact on Industry and Government Education

  • Over the past 4 years, 170 companies have sent students to the Option III programs (SE, CD, Engr Mgmt).
  • Option III SE Top Ten companies represent a diverse set of  markets while reflecting the strength of Austin industry sectors.
  • IBM, National Instruments, Dell, Freescale, AMD, Intel, Overwatch Systems, Bell, CSC, JP Morgan Chase, Samsung, Temple Inland, Unisys
  • The UT SE Option III program impacts Austin, Texas and U.S. companies and government agencies with significant growth potential.
  • Austin (72%), DFW (7%), Houston (5%), San Antonio (3%), Other Texas cities (8%) and Other States (5%)